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The CoolCube™ is designed to store samples safely on the lab bench without sample degradation due to temperature increase or fluctuation. Simply place the CoolCube in a freezer overnight and it's ready for use, keeping samples cold, but not frozen maintaining temperature at approximately 0° C for up to four hours.


Maintains 0°C for up to 4 hours

Also for use as a PCR workstation

Two sides, ideal for:

1.5 & 2.0ml microtubes

0.2ml PCR tubes & strips

96 well PCR plates


Technische Daten:

Temperatur: 0°C  für bis zu 4 Stunden

Kapazität Seite 1: 36 x 1.5/2.0ml Tubes

Kapazität Seite 2: 96 x 0.2ml Tubes, 12 x 0.2ml strips oder 1 x 96ger PCR Platte und 10 x 1.5/2.0ml

Maße: 14.3 x 14.3 x 6.4 cm

Gewicht:1 kg

Garantie: 2 Jahre

CoolCady PCR-Workstation

The new CoolCaddy™ keeps your reagents and samples cool, on the lab bench, without using crushed ice. Simply store your CoolCaddy overnight in any standard freezer and it’s ready to hold temperature between 0° and 1°C for up to 5 hours. Tubes, plates, strips and multi-channel reservoir solutions can all be kept cool while you perform your experiments.

  • Maintains 0-1.0°C for 5 hours
  • Keeps samples cool, but not frozen
  • Accomodates several different vessel types


1.5/2.0mL Microtubes: 9 Tubes

2.0mL Cryotubes: 8 Tubes

0.5mL Microtubes: 5 Tubes

PCR Plates: 1 Plate

PCR Tubes: 96 Tubes or 12 Strips

Reservoirs: 1 x 50mL Reservoir


Maße: 17 x 21 x 4.5cm


The iCellBox, in combination with a -80freezer or dry ice locker, will provide the freezing rate of -1 degree perminute that is ideal for cryo-preservation of most cultured cell lines. TheCellHome design user a combination of insulation foam, radial symmetry, and aheat transfer core to regulate heat loss rather than using a large thermal mass (alcohol based freezer).


1. The 12 chambers and sample tubes should be dry to avoid tube sticking upon freezing

2. Make sure the core (metal ring) is at room temperature and seated in the bottom of the central cavity.

3. Place sample vials containing maxinum 2 ml of cell suspension in each well .The sample vials should not extend about the iCellbox body.

4. Check that the tubes slide in and out freely.

5. Fully seat the lid on the iCellbox.

6. Put the iCellbox upright into a -80 freezer or dry ice locker. Ensure that there is at least 2,5 cm of free space clearance around the iCellbox.

7. Freeze for 4 hours before transferring samples to archive storage.


The iCellbox will freeze 12 tubes each containing maxinum 2 ml of cell suspension at -1 per minute when placed in a -80 environment (mechanicel freezer or dry ice locker). The five consecutive run freezing profile curves at right were performed wish 12 sample loads each.