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MyTemp Mini Inkubator

With digital temperature control, the MyTemp incubators provide convenient "set and walk away" operation, eliminating the need for external thermometers and repetitive "fine tuning" of an analog control knob. Simply choose the desired temperature and the incubator immediately begins to heat up (or cool down, -HC model only) while accurately monitoring the chamber temperature and conveniently displaying the temperature in real time on the large LED control panel.


Despite a modest footprint of 14.5 x 13", the MyTemp incubators feature large internal chambers, capable of storing flasks and bottles up to 2 liter. In addition, the incubators include two adjustable shelves and an internal outlet for powering smalle shakers, rockers and other instrumentation. A mini nutating rocker (supplied with both flat and dimpled mats) is available for agitation of samples during incubation.


Digital temperature control

Personal sized, 13 x 14.5" footprint (20L)

Accepts bottles and flasks up to 2L

Two models: Heat Only or Heat/Cool

Internal outlet, for installation of shaker, rockers, etc.


Technische Daten:

Temperierbereich: RT + 5°C bis 60°C (H-Modell)

                                    RT - 15°C bis 60°C (HC-Modell)

Temperaturinkrement: 1°C

Temperaturgenauigkeit: +/- 0.5°C bei 37°C

Temperaturhomogenität: +/- 1,5°C bei 37°C

Arbeitstemperaturbereich: +4°C bis +65°C

Plattformgröße: 45 x 45 cm (inklusive)

Außenmaße: 33,5 x 37 x 47,5 cm

Innenmaße: 26 x 23,5 x 32,5 cm

Innenraumvolumen: 20 Ltr.

Gewicht: 6,5 kg (H-Modell)

                  8,5 kg (HC-Modell)

Anschluß: 100 - 230 V, 50-60 Hz

Garantie 2 Jahre

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Mini-Schüttler für MyTemp Mini

Mini Nutating Rocker w/flat cord, 20 x 15 cm Platform


Technische Daten:

Geschwindigkeit: Fix 20 U/min

Fester Neigungswinkel: ± 20°

Plattformgröße: 20 x 15 cm

Tragfähigkeit: 2,0 kg

Arbeitstemperaturbereich: +4°C bis +45°C

Maße: 20 x 15 x 20 cm

Gewicht: 2,0 kg

Anschluß: 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 50 W

Garantie: 2 Jahre

H2300-HC2 (MyTemp Mini CO2) Brochure HR
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MyTemp Mini CO2 Inkubator

At only 13 inches wide, the myTemp Mini CO2 is the smallest and most economical incubator for applications requiring CO2 gas control. Its small footprint makes the incubator ideal for use inside of biological safety cabinets, isolating sensitive cultures or for any laboratory simply trying to conserve bench space. With a thick layer of high efficiency insulation surrounding the chamber, the incubator is also ideal for transportation of cells. Once power has been disconnected, the incubator maintains temperature levels within 10% of the set parameter for up to 1 hour*. In addition each model includes a 12V vehicle power adapter for operating the instrument in a car, boat, etc.


Both temperature and CO2 percentage are digitally adjustable and displayed in real time on the large LED control panel. This panel also features a "Cal" function, for easy in-lab calibration of the temperature or CO2. In addition, humidity (up to 80%) can be added to the chamber by inserting the included (stainless steel) humidity reservoir.


The CO2 level is constantly monitored using dual beam infrared sensing technology. In the event of a drop in CO2 , audible and visual alarms are triggered, notifying the user of the error.


Despite its small size, the incubator features a relatively large 20L chamber with the capacity for flasks and bottles up to 2 liters. Two removable, stainless-steel shelves are included. The shelves are perforated to improve airflow within the chamber.

  • Digital control of temperature and CO2
  • Personal sized, 13 x 14.5" footprint (20L)
  • Accepts bottles and flasks up to 2L
  • Includes 2 stainless steel shelves
  • Dual beam, infrared sensor

Temperaturbereich: RT -10°C to 55°C

Temperaturgenauigkeit: 0.25°C (at 37°C)

Temperaturhomogenität: 0.5°C (at 37°C)

Temp. Inkrement: 0.1°C

CO2 Bereich: 0 to 20%

CO2 Sensor: Doppelstrahl IR-Sensor

CO2 Genauigkeit: 0.1% (at 5%)

rel. Luftfeuchte: 70 bis 80%

Außenmaße: 33.5 x 37 x 47.5 cm

Innenmaße: 26 x 23.5 x 32.5 cm

Innenvolumen: 20L

Gewicht: 6.5 kg

Anschluss: 100 - 240V, 50-60Hz

Garantie: 2 Years

* If disconnected from the CO2 supply, CO2 percentage decreases by approx. 1% /30 min

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SureTemp Inkubatoren

The new SureTemp™ Incubator series provides the highest level of temperature control with uniformity and stability levels that are unmatched by competitive models in the same class.


Each incubator is equipped with the SureCheck™ data logging system for verification of chamber temperature. The SureCheck system records temperature data points as often as every 60 seconds and stores this information on a flash drive. The data can then be viewed and saved using the included the SureCheck software. The recorded data can also be used to plot temperature points on a graph or exported to a spread sheet program for verification or storage/record keeping.


Unlike other laboratory incubators, the SureTemp series offers "Dual-Convection" technology, allowing users to choose between mechanical convection mode* (for exceptional temperature uniformity) or gravity convection mode* (for longer incubations where airborn contamination or drying of samples may be an issue). The heating elements are strategically located on multiple sides of the chamber and contents can be viewed with the separate inner glass door without disrupting the temperature environment.


Precision temperature control up to 75°C

Dual-Convection technology, excellent uniformity and recovery

Includes SureCheck™ temperature logger and software

Stainless steel chamber with internal power outlet


Temp. Range: RT +5 to 75°C

Temp. Accuracyt: ± 0.25°C*

Temp. Uniformity: ± 0.25°C*

Temp. Increment: 0.1°C

Temp. Stability: ± 0.1°C

Timer: 1 min. to 99 hours 59 min. (or continuous)

Chamber Material: Stainless Steel (316)

Eletrical: 120V or 230V, 50-60Hz

Power Consumption: 40L: 420W / 70L: 520W / 130L: 670W

40 Liter Model

Interior Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 35 cm

Exterior Dimensions: 57 x 59.2 x 58 cm

Weight: 42 kg

70 Liter Model

Interior Dimensions: 45 x 35 x 45 cm

Exterior Dimensions: 67 x 59.2 x 68 cm

Weight: 62 kg

130 Liter Model

Interior Dimensions: 55 x 45 x 55 cm

Exterior Dimensions: 77 x 69.2 x 78 cm

Weight: 70kg

* Mechanical Convection: Incorporates optimally positioned heating elements in conjunction with an internal chamber fan to control the internal temperatue.

Gravity Convection: Eliminates any airflow from the chamber, relying solely on the heating elements and gravity to control the internal temperature.

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MyTemp 65HC Kühlinkubator

The myTemp 65HC Incubator is designed to provide accurate and uniform temperature control from 0 to 60°C. The broad temperature range of the instrument expands the use of this incubator to both heating and cooling applications.


A large, digital display allows for visualization of the chamber temperature and the remaining incubation time, while an internal light is included for improved visualization of the chamber. In addition, a built in, internal outlet can be used to provide power to small instruments, such as shakers, rockers, etc.


With forced air technology and stainless steel inner construction, uniform heat transfer is ensured throughout the internal chamber. When set for sub-ambient temperatures, the powerful compressor is activated, quickly cooling the chamber to the desired temperature..


With an exterior height of 39 inches (100cm), the incubator is designed to be floor-standing, yet is also compact enough for bench-use. (Not recommended for use on benchtops taller than 32"/81cm). The instrument is supplied with two, adjustable height shelves, while additional shelves can also be purchased separately (item: H2365-SH).


Accurate temperature control from 0° to 60°C

Powerful compressor maintains 0°C

Stainless-steel internal chamber

Internal power outlet for shaker, mixers, etc.

Sized for floor standing use or on bench-tops less than 32" tall

Ideal for BOD and Drosophila applications


Technische Daten:

Temp. Range: 0°C bis 60°C (RT-25°C bis 60°C)

Temp. Accuracy: 0.5°C (at 37°C)

Temp. Uniformity: +/- 1.0°C (at 37°C)

Temp. Increment: 0.1°C

Dimensions: (WxDxH)  

Exterior: 54 x 53.34 x 99.85 cm

Interior: 40 x 32.4 x 50.2 cm

Capacity: 65L

Capacity of BOD bottles: 30 bottles (300ml)

Operating Temp. Range: +10 to +30°C

Weight: 53 kg

Refrigerant: R134A

Electrical: 230V, 50Hz (385W)

Warranty: 2 Years

H3501 (IncuShaker Co2 Mini) Brochure HR
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Incu-Shaker Mini CO2

Ideal for the culturing of non-adherent cells, the Incu-Shaker CO2 Mini combines a precision CO2 incubation chamber with an intergal orbital shaker, providing the optimum conditions for suspension cell culture.


With our unique and proprietary heat distribution technology, the incubator provides the highest levels of temperature accuracy with minimal fluctuation (within 0.1°C). The six-side heating system in combination with a low speed internal fan uniformly spreads air throughout the stainless steel chamber (without air exchange from the external environment). For applications requiring solely gravity convection, this internal fan can be disabled,


significantly reducing the concern of sample to sample contamination.


A beltless motor drive provides a horizontally circular shaking motion at a consistent 19mm orbit. The included platform (9.5 x 11.5 in.) can be used for low speed shaking of a variety of laboratory vessels, including Erlenmeyer

flasks, culture plates and media bottles. For high speed mixing, a patented MAGic Clamp platform is available that allows for magnetic attachment of flask clamps and tube racks.

  • Heat - Shake - CO2
  • Six side heating provides excellent uniformity and recovery
  • Integral MAGic Clamp shaker, ideal for suspension cell culture
  • Precise monitoring over CO2 with dual beam IR sensor

Technische Daten:

Geschwindigkeit: Variabel 30 bis 300 U/min

Inkrement: 1 U/min

Orbit: 19 mm

Temperierbereich: RT + 5°C bis 60°C

Temperaturinkrement: 0,1°C

Temperaturgenauigkeit: +/- 0.5°C

Temperaturhomogenität: +/- 0.5°C

Temperaturstabilität: 0,1°C

CO2 Bereich: 0 bis 20 %

CO2 Inkrement: 0,1 %

CO2 Genauigkeit: +/- 0,1 %

CO2 Sensor: Doppelstrahl IR-Sensor

Zeitsteuerung: 1 Min. bis 48 Stunden / Dauerbetrieb

Arbeitstemperaturbereich: +4°C bis +65°C

Plattformgröße: 23,5 x 29 cm (inklusive)

MagicClamp Platform: 24 x 29 cm (optional)

Kammergröße: 33,5 x 26 x 39,2 cm

Kammervolumen: 46 Ltr.

Kammermaterial: Edelstahl

Tragfähigkeit: 4 x 1 Ltr. / 4 kg

Maße: 42 x 46,5 x 55,3 cm

Gewicht: 40,1 kg

Anschluß: 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 250 W

Garantie 2 Jahre

MS Oven MO-A01

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