TL988-II Real-Time PCR System

Key Feature

1. Block: 48 samples

2. Easy-to-use Software

3. Various Operation modes

4. Advantage Temperature Control

5. Non-Maintenance Optical Systems

6. Sensitive and Precise Thermoelectric Systems

7. Particular Momentary Power Failure Protection



Thermal Block

Block formats: 48-well

Sample volume: 10-100 μL

Consumables: Thick-walled 0.2ml PCR tibes, 0.1ml 8-strip tubes

Max heating/cooling rate: 3.0°C/sec/ 2.0°C/sec

Temperature range: 4.0-99.0°C

Temperature accuracy: ±0.1ºC

Temperature uniformity: ±0.3°C

Temperature steps: 1-99

Heated lid

Temperature range: 100-120°C


Excitation: 2 LEDs

Excitation range: 470-523 nm

Detector: PMT

Detection range: 525-564nm

Detection channels:

Channel     Excitation   Emission     Pre-Calibrated Dyes

1.                   470 nm        525 nm         FAM, SYBR Green I

2.                   523 nm        564 nm         VIC, HEX, TET, JOE

Detection range: 101-1010 copies


Analysis modes: Absolute quantification, Relative quantification,

                                Melt curve analysis


Reproducibility: CV≤2.1%

Correlation coefficient of nucleic acid precision: R≥0.997


Operating systems: Windows 7

Communication: USB

Power usage: AC220 × (1±10%)V, 50 × (1±2%)H

Dimensions: 520W×420D×320H mm

Weight: 27kg

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